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WikiBadges Contributor Awards

Beginning November 2008, WikiPilipinas Administrators will grant regular contributors of the website special medals called WikiBadges. These WikiBadges will be given to recognize significant contributions to WikiPilipinas and to let people know how valuable quality writing and editing are to us. The WikiBadges, which will be posted on the awardee's userpage, can only be given by WikiPilipinas Administrators.

There are seven WikiBadges all in all, namely: Raja, Datu, Lakan, Panday, Umalohokan, Catalonan, and Pintado. The names of the badges are based on socio-political status of Filipinos during Pre-Hispanic Philippines. Listed below are the WikiBadges and their respective descriptions and the qualifications:


A prestigious title since the early times, individuals earn the title of Raja for dutifully bringing honor and prominence to their village; exhibiting bravery in battle, and in human relations The Raja Badge is awarded to those who write original, comprehensive, and well-researched articles.

Qualification: 100 original WikiPilipinas articles with 300 words or more.

Kings whose words were cast in stone and whose stories were made into lore, Datus were the most feared—and respected—members of the society in the early days. The Datu Badge is awarded to those who improve articles through editing, refining, and organizing articles in WikiPilipinas.

Qualification: 100 major article edits including syntax, grammar, and fact-checks.

A title fit only for the elite, the Lakan are upper class citizens during the pre-Spanish days who gained high status because of their overall brilliance in key departments such as law and literature. The Lakan Badge is awarded to those who take on the editing and writing duties of WikiPilipinas with competency and dedication

Qualification: 25 original WikiPilipinas articles with 300 words or more and 50 major article edits including syntax, grammar, and fact-checks.

Great swordsmiths are said to be as valuable to a village as a sword is to a warrior. The Panday Badge is awarded to those who improve WikiPilipinas contents through creative and technical work; improving images and layouts through infoboxes and re-organizing content through bullets and tables.

Qualification: 100 original WikiPilipinas articles improved with accompanying image and infoboxes.

Taking its name from the pre-Spanish town-crier who informed the townsfolk of the most recent and important announcements coming from the high ranks, the Umalohokan Badge is awarded to those who tirelessly update WikiPilipinas contents with the latest news and information reliable resources.

Qualification: 100 major updates to Philippine-related topics.

Healing vessels who cleansed the bodies and spirits of villagers, the most talented Catalonans were considered gifts to their towns. The Catalonan Badge is awarded to those who help both contributors and readers of the website by protecting WikiPilipinas pages from malicious content and vandals.

Qualification: 100 WikiPilipinas articles protected from vandals and malicious contents.

Skillful warriors of an age where inter-town rivalries shaped the land, the Pintados defended their hometown from invaders and spread their beliefs among neighbors. The Pintado Badge is awarded to those who work tirelessly to populate WikiPilipinas' contents with Philippine-related articles gathered from print and online sources.

Qualification: 100 original Philippine-related articles enriched using different sources.